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How much does a stained glass window cost?
Each window varies depending on size, design, types of glass used etc.  Therefore it would be impossible to quote unless dealing with the customer directly in order to ascertain their desired stained glass panel. Please feel free to contact us for a meeting/consultation for a quotation.


Will my stained glass panels be unique?

With stained glass, every piece of glass must be hand cut one at a time. Given that each sheet of glass is different from piece to piece, it is inevitable that every stained glass panel is unique.  


Can you design a window from my photo?
We would be glad to work from a photo or drawing idea you have to design and create a window for you.


Can we have input with the artist?
When you meet with us, you are speaking directly with the artist that will be designing your stained glass panel/s.


How can we be certain that the vision we have for our stained glass will transpire the way we want it to?

At your first meeting with JSG Speciaists Ltd our designer will work with you to create your desired stained glass panel. For your second meeting your designed panel is drawn to scale with the measurements of your stained glass window, the pieces of glass are also cut out so you can envision what your panel will look like. This assures you and us that your panel is to your needs and specifications.


How long will my project take?
Every piece that is created from JSG Specialists Ltd requires time to design and produce. The size and scope of a project will determine the length of time required.


Can stained glass panels be used in double-glazing?
Exterior glazing for stained glass windows involves installing a layer of clear glass both sides of the stained glass window and sealing it.  This protects the window from weather, impact and other instances that may promote deterioration of the stained glass.


Do you do your own installations?
Stained glass panels are very delicate, without proper handling and training a piece can easily be broken, therefore we provide our own installations.


If you have any other queries/comments please feel free to contact us


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